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A “Rebel Tour” on Vespa

Playing guitar all around Europe

Davide Taloni is known on the “Do You Vespa?” Community as “Vespautore”: he registered a  few months ago and since then he has really impressed us with his Posters and Strips and through them he told us his story.

“Life is so strange. You’re writing songs, thinking that you never will be able to sing them on a stage. No one will listen them. After a few years you’re riding around Europe on a Vespa, only a guitar with you, playing those songs wherever you will go”. 

A story we want to share with all the community. He started his “Sogni di libertà” (Freedom dreams, as he named his first album) when he recorded his songs in a mountain hut and decided to leave for an improvised tour on his Vespa, with his guitar, a little audio amplifier and a map.
2 years, 16.000 km and more than 70 improvised concerts.
The first tour was in Italy. Davide started performing among Alpine mountain passes and along the Italian northern lakes riversides (in Como, Garda, Iseo and Idro).
He loved Tuscany country and the natural landscape of Isola d’Elba. Even in Italy Davide perceived that strangers were loving his music and he started thinking on a new trip, farther than Alps.
Davide hates to ride the same roads again.
So he planned a ring route to visit Europe and let people listen his music for free, in amazing landscapes.
On the 3rd of August 2014 Davide left Chiuro (Sondrio, Italy) with a golden rule: no highways to ride, only the less taken roads!
His first stop over was in Monaco, were he performed his music in a park and had an unforgettable Italian dinner with a couple from Crema (Cremona, Italy). Then he went in Regensburg and chose again a park to play guitar and sing.
Near Praga he lost himself but an Hungarian boy named Ferenz headed him for 20 km to the city. Once arrived there he found that he would prefer to perform his music in the country, as usual far away the smog and the noise of the city.
Then Davide rode towards Poland and passed through the Carpathian Mountains where the smiles of Polish people amazed him.
He loved Poland plains, its extended countryside, the woods, the uncontaminated nature.

Again on the road, towards Cracovia, Davide had an uninspected accident: an oil spot made him fall down from his scooter and for a few minutes, sitting down in a bar, Davide felt a little bit of melancholy.
But there was still a map in front of him. And a nice guy, a very kind biker that told him about the beautiful Cracovia. So Davide decided to play near the Wawel castle in spite of a huge storm that was coming…
In Cracovia Davide knows Piotr who headed him around the city. Unfortunately another accident occurred: his Vespa had a flat on Kalwary street – that for Davide sounded like “Calvary” street – but at least they had a hot dinner in a boarding house served by a kind and energic woman who spoke Roman dialect!

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In Budapest, during the Sziget Festival, a lot of young people met each other and Davide performed along the riverside of Balaton Lake, for almost three hours. It was amazing!
Slovenia “it’s a big green town” said Davide, that loved Lubiana: a city full of energy. There an Italian biker headed Davide around the city. The Lubiana market was so inspiring but overcrowded and Davide was not allowed to perform there.
The last show was on the Trieste dock, than a stop by at Bibione (Venezia, Italy) to take a bath in the sea and to walk barefoot on the beach, listening to the waves.

Now Davide is planning a new trip on the road, with his Vespa, his words and his guitar.
In this very moment he’s studying Google maps…