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A Vespa made of streamers and confetti.

Life of an artist that believes in a second birth.

It all started for fun. Luca Moretto was 20 years old in 1996, when he transferred his passion for colours and for movement on the Vespa of a friend. He hand painted it in a shower of festive colours with an embossed effect, arousing astonishment and admiration.
Then the accident, at 23, the pain, the loss of a limb and finally rebirth: Luca decided to follow his artistic vocation.

My life changed, I changed. But this change allowed me to realize my childhood dream that started from the moment I began to ‘see’ art.

I think that without the accident I never would have become an artist.

Art was at first a way to stay in contact with reality, and then became his reason for living.
And so, in 2010 a dream came true: Luca finished a tailor-made version of the first hand-painted Vespa, better known as Vespa Venice.
This 1967 50N model was restored and decorated with acrylic paints. Colourful ribbons and spots stand out on the white background, recalling the Carnival of Moretto’s masked hometown: Venice.

The streamers and confetti started travelling straight away: they visited the Fuorisalone exhibition in Milan in 2011, the 54th Venice Biennale held the same year, to return home in 2012, to the Piaggio Museum of Pontedera.
The Vespa Venice will be “parked” here until 2015, alongside Vespas bearing the signatures of Salvador Dalí, Ugo Nespolo and Mino Trafeli.

And yet, like any Piaggio scooter, even the Vespa Venice can’t stay off the road for long: this year, at the 8th edition of the Vespa World Days, the scooter joined ten thousand Vespas from all over the world in Mantua, to participate in the spectacular and colourful celebration of the Piaggio brand.

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The Vespa Venice is the only artwork of its kind – from Piaggio Museum collection – that has been showed at the Vespa Temporary Museum in Mantua.

Today Luca copes with his pain using silicone cartridges and intense oil and acrylic paint colours.

Sweaters, ceramics, oil canvases, silicon art on tables, gifts for friends, the Vespa Venice and the dream of creating a new version of the same on the Vespa 946 model…

...Are fragments of a story that, fortunately, Luca Moretto intends to keep sharing.