Do you Vespa

What’s next? 7000 Vespa lovers are on the way

You should always bring your friends inside the family. Expecially if it is a super cool group made of almost 7000 Vespa lovers

Well, ladies and gentleman, we are very proud of this community so we are going to congratulate with all of you for a couple of reasons. First of all, for being lovers: for believing in something, for fighing for it every day, for keeping your passion alive. Second, for supporting one of the most important icons of the last century: the gorgeous Vespa! Last but not least, for being part of a community that counts almost 7000 members. You got it right: we are going to be 7000 in the blink of an eye! But we need your support to cross the line as soon as possible. So invite your friends, your relatives, your uncles, your cousins to join the community of “Do You Vespa?”. Because the best families are the extended ones.